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    The Zodiac Signs’ Late to School Reply to teacher

    Aries: “My alarm clock was broken. Yup, it’s old, so it’s broken now. I’ll fix it.”

    Taurus: “I lost a penny, so I had to look for it everywhere!”

    Gemini:“Someone told me there’s no school today. Don’t ask who.”

    Cancer:“My…dog was sick?”

    Leo:“A little kid was bullied so I had to defend him! I had to defend JUSTICE”

    Virgo:“I forgot my math notebook at home so I had to get it…”

    Libra:“Well I’m sick, achoo, but at least I’m still at school”

    Scorpio:“I’m late. Deal with it”

    Sagittarius:“So I saw this giant snake in the middle of the road… It was thiiissss big. But not to worry, I OWNED it. i killed it with one punch!” (And the worst liar award goes to…)

    Capricorn:“I stayed up soooo late studying yesterday” And that’s not even a lie

    Aquarius:“Well I saw a rock. And I wanted to examine that rock. It could be a special rock.”

    Pisces: “I saw a spooky looking rock, and I was scared. It looked so spooky.”

    They all got in trouble anyways

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