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    Things to do with each of the signs before you die

    1.Get into a fight with an Aries. I’m not talking about an over the phone fight, I’m talking a real toe-to-toe, heart pumping showdown. It will most likely be more beneficial to you if they were on your side in the fight, think of like a bar fight or taking on bullies at your school, but fighting them yourself would be just as exhilarating and you would most likely be better friends after the incident than you were before.Aries people are warriors and they like to know their friends can hold their own if something goes down.

    2.Eat with a Taurus. By this I do not mean take them to a local fast food restaurant to hork down some greasy burgers. I mean take them to an amazing five star restuarent preferably one that has been around for decades and has built a strong reputation. Then allow the Taurus to order for you, it may take a while, but Tauruses have wonderful taste. Make sure that you don’t rush them or yourself, take your time enjoy the food, enjoy the atmosphere, enjoy the music, enjoy the feel of your luxurious clothes, and enjoy your Taurus escort.

    3.Go out on the town with a Gemini. Wait till its night time and the social life of your particular city is buzzing, and then call your Gemini friend. Not only will they have the perfect location, but they’ll most likely have the transportation to get you there(Gemini’s hate not being able to get around when they want to). Be sure not to just contain them to one party, or one club ,encourage them to take you club hopping. Gemini’s are the most amazing social butterflies, not only will they know the right people to get you into to any club or party, they’ll know enough people at the party to make it a truly memorable night. Trust Gemini’s they’ll show you a whole new world in your own backyard.

    4.Have a rainy day inside with a Cancer. It will be even better if your at their house, which will most likely be stocked with comfort food and pillows. Cancers can turn their fortress of solitude into a veritable wonderland, if there men they will most likely have the newest video games and systems, and if the are women they will most likely have a wonderful assortment of make-up that they don’t mind sharing. Also, be sure to stay the night, being ruled by the moon these lovely people get there second wind at night, and would love to pull an all night junk food and call of duty session, or an all night truth or dare/make-over session. With a Cancer you are guaranteed to have the most fun indoors you’ve ever had in your life.

    5. Watch a Leo do what they love to do. You are allowed to join in only if you’re ok with not being the center of attention. In fact, let the Leo be in charge, join a choir directed by a Leo, or a stage production directed by a Leo, or play in the background band in a Leo performance it may not be the best experience during rehearsals, but during the performance you will never feel better in your life. Leo’s absolutely work magic on a stage, and have a way of making everyone in the auditorium feel just as magical, doubly so if your on stage with them. You see something funny happens to a Leo when their plans come together, the bossy roaring lion that was once there gives way to a burning sun of generosity, and love. They go from whiny cats to Aslan himself and when that happens there’s no better place to be than witnessing such an inspiring sight.

    6. Let a Virgo fix it. The “it” may very from person to person, but if you need anything to be perfect and you cant quite get it there, call Virgo. Yes they may seem a bit harsh at times, but they only critique because they care. Listen, let your Virgo hairstylist cut your hair and it will be perfect for your face shape, let your Virgo accountant balance your books and they will be perfect to the penny, let your Virgo make-up artist do your face and you will never look more flawless in your life. Virgo’s love a job done right, and unlike Leo’s they don’t need a whole lot of fanfare, they just need to know they did their job flawlessly and that their hard work was appreciated.

    7. Have a romantic evening with a Libra. I don’t mean a date per say , you can have a romantic evening with a Libra regardless of the nature of your relationship. Being in a duo is hard-wired into their DNA, so it doesn’t matter if your just friends, siblings, or in a committed relationship Libra’s first instinct is to be romantic. So go out with them, through away all preconceived notions of what an appropriate friendship is and take your Libra on a date same-sex or not. Take them to the movies, or on a paddle-boat ride at sunset, or on a picnic and watch them become all smiles, and amazing conversation. You will not only have more fun with them then you ever did alone, but you will truly learn what it is to love without a need for sex. Libras have no problem being romantic and cuddly even in their most platonic relationships and being on the receiving end of that kind of love is a heart warming experience not to be missed.

    8.Face your demons with a Scorpio. Dig deep with Scorpio because no sign is more well equipped to purge your emotional baggage than a Scorpio. If anything traumatic has happened to you talk to a Scorpio, but make sure you are ready to deal with it and get over it. Scorpio’s can summon the demons of your past, but once they’re summoned they are very hard to push back down, so don’t bring anything up your not ready to deal with. But if you are sure you are ready to deal with it Scorpio will stick with through the entire ordeal and you will feel much better afterwords, and Scorpio will to. You see Scorpio loves helping people sort through the dark parts of their life and the recipient of such a session usually leaves completely free of the past, and all emotional trauma. (Look at that a Scorpio post and I didn’t mention sex) :)

    9.Go on an adventure with a Sagittarius. The further away the better, across the country is good, but across the world would be perfect. Sagittarius’ are the best people to have with you when going to another country, not only will they know the best way to travel there, but because of their propensity to go native you’ll see a side of the country most tourist never see. Let Sagittarius take you to the coolest trails, where you see the native wildlife, let them take you to the mountain with the best view, let them take you to the beach with the best waves. Sagittarius’ are natural explorers trust them and you’ll always remember your trip as one of the best decisions of your life.

    10. Climb the corporate ladder with a Capricorn. I know this may sound silly but I’ll explain. Take your Capricorn to any event at which you wish to make yourself look better for the purposes of advancement. Like your bosses party, or a buisness luncheon, the snootier the better(bonus points if any political dignitaries are involved). Capricorns are amazing at putting their best foot forward and are even capable of making you look better by just being with them, they are savvy and will quickly key in on the social hierarchy of any gathering and use it to their and your advantage. So if you want that promotion, bring a Capricorn with you.

    11. Go “out there” with an Aquarius. What I mean by “out there” is out on a limb, past the point of comfort. Nearly every Aquarius has some out there hobby that they are somewhat fanatical about. Join in with there hobby, don’t be afraid to let them teach you about it. Aquarians are to most people what Prometheus was to the human race, the giver of progress. If you listen and learn from an Aquarius they’ll truly expand their minds, and you may even tap into another dimension.

    12.Get saved by a Pisces. I mean when you really hit rock bottom, call a Pisces or you could help them save someone else. You see sometimes Pisces are very scattered and spacey, but when they see someone in trouble their Messianic switch gets turned on and they become almost Christ-like. They glow with a love that is amazingly pure and true and needs nothing in return. They begin to spout off the most inspiring phrases like it were nothing more than light banter, and they have a knack for seeing who you really are, the good and the bad and loving you anyway. So whether you’re there to see them give this kind of love or you are the recipient always call Pisces if you need a savior.

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