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    The Signs studying

    Aries: reads everything so fast…

    Taurus: studies carefully and slowly.

    Gemini: is studying while listening to music, talking, singing or surfing the internet.

    Cancer: only likes to study with friends or family around.

    Leo: if they’re interested in having a good grade, they’ll have a good grade.

    Virgo: writes down everything they need to know and studies it.

    Libra: studies only the day before the exam.

    Scorpio: does this silently….nobody actually knows what they’re doing.

    Sagittarius: finds it boring. reads a page then goes out for a walk.

    Capricorn: studies harder than all of the others, gets a great grade.

    Aquarius: writes down what they think it’s important. most of the time, it wasn’t important.

    Pisces: wants to study but starts wondering about life and gets lost.

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