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    Signs Reaction When Getting A Surprised Exam

    Aquarius - will sit back with a smug look on their face and enjoy the panic of everyone else because an emotional reaction from an Aquarian is something you won’t often see.

    Pisces – will send everyone an “it’s ok email…you will be fine”…just take a big breath and think about the topic and it will all come back to you. I wish I could help you through this!” because Picsces are the friend you can count on to be there for you in any situation.

    Aries – will immediately be upset and everyone will know it. They’ll dig around in their backpack for a pen and slam it on the desk with a “let’s get this done” attitude. Surprise exams aren’t welcome as the Arian does not do well with the possibility of failure.

    Taurus – will sit there calmly knowing that every assignment up to this day has been completed so they are good to go. Plus…once the exam is over it will be time for lunch!

    Gemini – will be fidgeting in their seat and start pulling all the books from their backpack to see what they’ve got on the subject for the surprise exam. One side of the twin will be nervous and the other will be chatty to cover up the nervousness.

    Cancer - will dive into a mood and not want to talk to anyone. They will immediately text their best friend with a “can you believe we’ve just found out there’s a surprise exam…that sucks!”

    Leo - will be full of energy and moving around talking loudly to the whole class as there is no such word as “doubt” in their mind and a little surprise exam is nothing. Bring it on!

    Virgo – will try to figure out how they missed the signs that there may be a surprise exam coming up and will then proceed with a logical plan to do the best they can.

    Libra – will ask how long the exam will be as they had a “shopping date” already set up and don’t want to be late for it.

    Scorpio – will be sitting at the back of the room with the appearance of calmness but inside they are simmering like a volcano because Scorpions like to be in control and surprises don’t equal control.

    Sagittarius – will pull out their lucky charm and be totally optimistic that they will do well and once their done, they can tra la la off to the next adventure.

    Capricorn – will feel somewhat insecure as they always want to be the best that they can be and without advance notice, they’re in doubt so they’ll evaluate the exam topic, set up their work space and think, think, think.

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