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    The signs ordering pizza

    ARIES would just order the first thing they see and don’t hate. If the delivery takes more than 10 minutes they will scream at people and/or make whale noises

    TAURUS would be patient enough, but will probably say that they want to order something big and cheap

    GEMINI would just order the coolest sounding pizza name

    CANCER would insist on making their own pizza

    LEO won’t mind ordering expensive ones even if they have a freeloader roommate, you know unless that roommate is too pathetically a freeloader

    VIRGO would try to order something more healthy which is hilarious

    LIBRA …you guys obviously know where I’m going. Indecisive. Duh.

    SCORPIO would just tell them to surprise them, and then complain if they don’t think it’s good

    SAGITTARIUS would order pizza with a weird voice to confuse them and probably give out a weird fake name, and then gigglesnort while eating

    CAPRICORN would calculate if the price is worth the toppings

    AQUARIUS would sometimes try to order the most incredibly, uh… unique pizza. That might have just been another word for what-the-actual-how-do-you-even

    PISCES will talk to the guy on the phone as if they were their close friend while ordering pizza

    Credit: derpastrology

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