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    The major of each of the sign?

    Aries: Kinesiology, History of Warfare, Law Enforcement

    Taurus: Fine Arts, Culinary Arts, Finance

    Gemini: Computer science, Journalism, Languages

    Cancer: Interior Design, Nursing, Social Welfare, Home Economics

    Leo: Justice Administration, Performing Arts, Film

    Virgo: Health Administration, Engineering, Molecular Biology

    Libra: Humanities, Governmental Administration, Fashion Photography

    Scorpio: Criminal Corrections, Forensic Science, Pathology

    Sagittarius: Philosophy, Theology, Anthropology, Photography

    Capricorn: Mechanical Engineering, Business Management, Geology

    Aquarius: Behavioral Health, Physics, Astronomy, Public Relations

    Pisces: Creative Design, Dance, Music Composition, Psychology

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