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    How the Signs Recover from a Broken Heart

    Aquarius – will celebrate being independent again as they love to live their lives with “no strings attached”. Freedom is their favorite “f” word and intellectual stimulation is far more rewarding for them.

    Pisces – will watch their favorite romantic movie, have a good cry and wonder why they always choose partners that are not the best for them. They’ll promise themselves that next time, they’ll go with their gut feeling earlier if things aren’t working out as their hunches are usually correct.

    Aries – will go into “bounce back” mode as they always do no matter what happens in their life. Their upbeat and magnetic personality will lead them into a new impulsive and exciting adventure! Hold on for the ride!

    Taurus – will not appreciate the change in their relationship status as that means they’ll need to start socializing again. Their dislike of the “unknown” makes them nervous and worried because they like to have things in order all the time.

    Gemini – will start calling all of their friends that they ditched during their relationship and go on and on about the way their partner treated them. Then they’ll want to hear all the juicy gossip from your life!

    Cancer - will polish up their hard and insensitive shell so that it shields and protects them, but we all know that the crab is super sensitive on the inside. They’ll be up and down like a yo-yo feeling one way one minute and then be totally different the next.

    Leo – will move forward because once the relationship is over, it’s over for good. They don’t like to dwell on the past and think it’s weird when others do. A broken heart is easily mended by surrounding themselves with others who adore them.

    Virgo – will refuse to become cynical because no matter how many times relationships don’t work out, they always see the good in people. Their shy demeanor will have them retreating rather than wanting to talk about it.

    Libra – will revert to their diplomatic side and see the other person’s point of view. Since Libra’s don’t like to cause friction, they’ll usually bounce back quickly but will get out the Kleenex for a quick cry here and there but soon that will be a thing of the past and a new love will appear!

    Scorpio – will hide their feelings because to show any sign of weakness will be admitting to failure and that’s one “f” word the Scorpion refuses to use.

    Sagittarius – will be their usual emotionally detached self and move onto their next adventure because to them, dwelling on hurt is just a waste of their energy and there are so many more relationships to explore! Upwards and onwards!

    Capricorn – will throw themselves into work and be quite happy to live the life of a loner again. They’ll be open to listening to your broken heart stories but don’t even ask them about theirs!

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