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    How The Signs React To a Zombie Apocalypse

    Aquarius – will be totally unemotional and as the trendsetter for the future, their job is to eliminate as many “walkers” as they can. Aquarians tend to be rebels just for the sake of having their own way so don’t try to stop them…they will do it their way even if others have proved it wrong.

    Pisces – will try to befriend the zombies and understand their past. They will be the ones looking for medical supplies with Shane and will help to heal anyone regardless of whether they are a zombie or human.

    Aries – will be like the character Rick as they love to lead. They’ll be the ones to take a gamble and their desire for the “thrill of the hunt”, will drag others into the woods where their survival will be up to each person’s instincts.

    Taurus – will follow the leader and will not be happy on their adventure into the “unknown”, however they have an immense sense of perseverance and even when other give up, the Taurus will rage on.

    Gemini – will know who has been infected with the walker virus and will be more than happy to share that with everyone but they need to be careful because dangerous secrets will cause a lot of tension and their lives will immediately be in danger.

    Cancer - will be the first ones to help convert the prison into their new home. They have a strong survival instinct and can become very manipulative if necessary. Zombies beware!

    Leo – will be compared to the Governor who proudly shows off the heads of soldiers in aquarium tanks as his trophies. Ask him who’s who and he’ll puff out his chest and give you the 411, one head at a time.

    Virgo – will have been working on a cure for the infection and ensuring that the protocols for safety are in place. Their analytical minds will allow them to be rational and if the end is near, they will make every attempt to send you in the right direction. Their goal is to keep the world in order.

    Libra – will make every attempt to get the zombies to like them and if that doesn’t work, they’ll try something else because they don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or make the wrong decision. This will definitely be to their detriment and ultimately their demise.

    Scorpio – will be turned on by the sex appeal of the “walkers”…the living dead can make the pulse beat faster and the scorpion is all about dominance so the quest to conquer will drive them to succeed. A “biter” will be their main conquest and they will battle it out to see who will win…and we all know how much a scorpion hates to lose.

    Sagittarius – will be the ones the humans believe because they are void of emotion and believe that something good is just around the corner. The Sags luck and positive outlook just might lead others to a safe place.

    Capricorn – will plot out the escape of the humans as they rarely trust anyone else to finish the job. They will do everything they can to bond the group together and will lead them to the town of Woodbury, where they think everyone is safe.

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