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    How To Show The Different Signs That You Appreciate Them

    This is what the different signs would best appreciate.

    Aries: Write them a heart-felt thank you note or card.

    Taurus: Give them a gift certificate to their favorite coffee shop or shopping store.

    Gemini: Bake them something.

    Leo: Ask them about their day.

    Cancer: Walk them to the bus stop or home from school.

    Virgo: Lend them a hand on something they are working on.

    Libra: Do something nice for them.

    Scorpio: Give them a hug. Yes, it can be that simple.

    Sagittarius: Pick up some groceries or food and drop them off on your way home.

    Capricorn: Tell them what you think they are particularly great at.

    Aquarius: Write notes to leave on a pillow, a computer keyboard, or in a lunch box.

    Pisces: Make a special day just for them. Plan a day for them around what they enjoy. Go with them if it’s appropriate.

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