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    How to seduce the signs

    Aquarius – will be most attracted to intellectual and eccentric offerings as they love to learn and experiment however, don’t get too excited about a possible relationship because Aquarius is the sign of friendship and will run at the first sight of emotions and sentiment.

    Pisces – will be in heaven on a dock at the lake listening to the waves splash around while you lay out the perfect picnic and, if there’s a promise of star gazing later, you’ll be up all night lost in the romance of the beauty in the universe.

    Aries – will be totally impressed with an energizing hike up a mountain and a suggestion to take an impromptu boat ride to a BBQ feast with big outdoor crackling fires and lots of people to socialize with.

    Taurus – will require a slow approach but if you create a very sensual evening that involves different foods you can touch, smell and taste, your Taurus will be eating out of your hand!

    Gemini – will be full of conversation as always so be prepared to listen! Massage is a great way to calm down a Gemini so start with their hands, stay attentive and eventually the chattering will subside! Whew!

    Cancer - will react best if the right “mood” has been set – candles, music and romance, however timing and trust is everything. Practice the slow art of seduction and the “perfect lover” will emerge. There will definitely be a second date!

    Leo – will enjoy the night best if you practice the “art of the hunt”. Let them think it’s their conquest because if you don’t, there won’t be too many more opportunities to get them on your terms!

    Virgo – will be most appreciative of cleanliness and in the extreme situation where a spontaneous moment might occur, you’ll be happy you had that long, hot shower! Slow and steady wins this race.

    Libra – will be thrilled if you start the evening off with a beautifully wrapped gift followed by an expensive dinner out. Fill the evening with compliments and make sure the first impression is the best it can be as this is very important for Libras and a future with them.

    Scorpio – will open up faster if you share your deepest sexual wants and desires and let your body do the communicating rather than your mouth. This will fuel the Scorpions sense of empowerment but, make sure you move slowly and with no sudden moves!

    Sagittarius – will dive right into love and will run just as fast if they hear the word commitment! Sag’s are very physical, impulsive and adventurous so be prepared for just about anything. They love to cut to the chase and dinner might not be the first thing on their agenda!

    Capricorn – will react best to the direct approach…no games or flirting and especially not in public! PDA’s (public display of affection) don’t mix well with the Capricorn’s conservative nature, however when it comes to stamina, the Capricorn steps up to the plate and then some!

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