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    How To Love the Signs

    Aries: Give plenty of reassurance even if they act like they don’t need it, make a point to gently pry even if they say they don’t want to talk about it, and always remember there is more sensitivity underneath an Aries than is shown. Encourage their dreams but keep them grounded, take them on adventures, and never take their romantic and chivalrous gestures for granted.

    Taurus: Be loyal and dedicated, show them you won’t give up without a fight. Let them win the argument every now and again, to keep the peace. Never make a promise you cannot keep, show up when you say you will, and be reliable. Encourage them to express their discontent healthily, push past their comfort zone, and respect their strong opinions when you disagree.

    Gemini: Don’t get impatient with their distractibility, always make time for a really great conversation, and be understanding during the times that they’re moody. Help them move past their insecurities, tell them that its not their job to please everyone, and always ask how their day was. Let them have some space but never let them be lonely.

    Cancer: Listen to all the stories of their past, but be patient when they don’t want to tell them just yet. Speak the truth and don’t deceive, take them on romantic dates, and fill their ears with sweet words. Show them the optimistic side, never dwell on their flaws, and react gently. Give them the kind of loyalty they give you, be in it for the long haul, don’t run when it gets rough.

    Leo: Build up their delicate ego, take pride in their accomplishments, be a part of their grandiose dreams. Tune into their softer and more sensitive side, and let them shine. Never call them out in public, give them time to cool down when they’re upset. Be concerned with their feelings, and don’t fall for them saying they’re fine if you know otherwise.

    Virgo: Respect their private space, help calm them down when they’re feeling anxious, and even if you think its silly, let them do things in their way and have their particular routines. Appreciate their helpfulness, return their great loyalty, and don’t rush them; give them time to think things through. Be empathetic and understanding, allow them to open up slowly, and move at their pace.

    Libra: Indulge their romantic side, go out in nature with them, enjoy the simple things in life. Write them a love letter, have a deep discussion, support their decisions and feed their confidence. Treat them the way you would want to be treated, don’t be overly critical, and make a point to accept them for who they are. Be open to their crazy plans and openly exchange idea’s.

    Scorpio: Defend them and brag about them in public, do them little favors that make their life easier, and always try to show initiative and consideration. Don’t push them if they say they need space, and be there in the moments that they don’t. Encourage them to express themselves and not hold things in, and don’t ever betray their trust. Protect their secrets with your life.

    Sagittarius: Be their partner in crime, let them explore everything. Don’t try to confine them, let them ramble about their thoughts and idea’s, always return their honesty. Don’t try to tarnish their optimism, push them to work hard to achieve their dreams. Make them laugh, be spontaneous, accept their quirks and be open to their unconventional way of seeing things in life.

    Capricorn: Be trustworthy, consistent, and never flakey. Don’t let them get away with not talking about how they feel, prompt them to express their emotions more often. Be their biggest supporter when it comes to their goals and always make sure they make time for fun and its not all work. Let them have their private time every so often, and help them to de-stress and relax.

    Aquarius: Be open to their advice, let them talk about their interests, be down for spontaneous adventures as well as cozy nights at home. Have a debate with them, become well versed in the things they are passionate about, and take up a hobby together. Always respect their space, let them have some independence. Be their best friend above all else.

    Pisces: Listen to them talk about their fantasies and crazy dreams, reassure them, and always be genuine- don’t mislead. Be very affectionate, and never sweep feelings under the rug. Don’t let them get away with laziness, be kind and gentle in your words, and don’t abandon them. Encourage them not to people please and don’t disregard their intuition.

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