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    Capturing the Attention of the Signs

    Aquarius – Bring out the Brain Teasers and get ready for a few rounds of intellectual stimulation with your Aquarian because if there’s a future for you both, intelligence, adventure, challenges and creativity will win their heart for sure.

    Pisces – Grab a big coffee, snuggle up on the couch and get into a deep conversation about spirituality or astrology and if you’ve got problems in your life, even better! Share all the details as Pisces are very attracted to people who need help to solve their personal problems.

    Aries – Shower them with compliments, go with the flow and let them think that they are in control because Aries loves the chase and, if you play it right from the start, you’ll soon have them wrapped around your finger.

    Taurus – Invite them over for a home cooked meal and let your culinary expertise lure the Taurus into your heart. Patience is a virtue for this sign so slow and steady will win the romantic race.

    Gemini – Engage in a conversation that this “know it all” Gemini knows little about. You’ll soon uncover the talkative, witty, clever and charming person that they are however, be prepared for a friendship rather than a relationship

    Cancer – Start off with easy breezy dates and let them warm up to you. Just like the crab, they will scurry off in a hurry if you move too fast. Be truthful and honest and you will slowly gain their trust which can turn into a long and lasting relationship because Gemini’s are the best at being a great friend.

    Leo - Send them a big smile from across the room and then make your move. Admiration, handfuls of compliments and your utmost attention will have Leo purring away.

    Virgo – Be predictable. Call when you said you’d call, be there when you said you would (or even earlier) and engage in calm, intellectual conversations that have conclusions. Don’t ever try to be spontaneous!

    Libra – Make reservations at a 5 star restaurant, put on a fab outfit and show up in a limousine. Pop open a bottle of expensive champagne and start a conversation that is all about them but eventually make sure to add in your 2 cents to keep it balanced.

    Scorpio – Plan an adventure and be prepared to change course halfway through if it’s not happening. Be honest and to the point in your conversations and don’t ever tease them or you’ll experience the scorpion sting faster than you can say “ouch”.

    Sagittarius – Suggest you go hang gliding or white water rafting – anything that’s wild and crazy with a bit of danger attached to it but don’t plan on a long term relationship because commitment is a foreign concept to them.

    Capricorn – Buy tickets to the latest Art Gallery event and if it’s a black and white collection, even better because that’s how Capricorns see life. Make sure you’re on time…better yet, be early! Let them know dinner follows at “such and such a time”, and that you’ve made a reservation. Make sure you keep things on schedule which is what they love and are most comfortable with.

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