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    The Sheep (Ram) is an important Chinese Horoscope sign. It has a female nature and have many positive attributes like the tendency to be artistic, intellectual, philosophic, and the importance of fashion, thus most sheep people can become great editors, philosophers, actors, artists, interior designers, poets, musicians and pediatricians. Most sheep people are caring and most will prevent harming others with their actions. That is why they like to think before they act. A Sheep is well mannered and can support its opinions. Sometimes, they happen to say the wrong thing at the wrong time. Some sheep people are usually sensitive and emotional, but are usually in the need to feel great and protected.

    Keywords: Righteous, sincere, sympathetic, mild-mannered, observant, artistic, intellectual, ingenious, innovative, creative, mothering, peaceful, and generous. Can be indecisive, over-passive, worrier, pessimistic, sensitive, shy, and weak-willed.