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    Zodiac Sign

    Some Zodiac Behaviors in Love

    ♈ Aries: Will demand their freedom yet become possessive themselves. Will see the world through rose-coloured glasses when they are in love. They become total romantics yet can be embarrassed by this and don’t like people seeing their vulnerable side

    ♉ Taurus: They are old fashioned in love and a confusing mix of sentimentality and toughness. Although they appear composed they have deeply intensified feelings of love and like to show physical evidence of it. It takes a long time for Taureans to give away their hearts, and only the strong will survive the wait


    The major of each of the sign?

    Aries: Kinesiology, History of Warfare, Law Enforcement

    Taurus: Fine Arts, Culinary Arts, Finance

    Gemini: Computer science, Journalism, Languages

    Cancer: Interior Design, Nursing, Social Welfare, Home Economics

    Leo: Justice Administration, Performing Arts, Film

    Virgo: Health Administration, Engineering, Molecular Biology

    Libra: Humanities, Governmental Administration, Fashion Photography

    Scorpio: Criminal Corrections, Forensic Science, Pathology

    Sagittarius: Philosophy, Theology, Anthropology, Photography


    The Signs studying

    Aries: reads everything so fast…

    Taurus: studies carefully and slowly.

    Gemini: is studying while listening to music, talking, singing or surfing the internet.

    Cancer: only likes to study with friends or family around.

    Leo: if they’re interested in having a good grade, they’ll have a good grade.

    Virgo: writes down everything they need to know and studies it.

    Libra: studies only the day before the exam.

    Scorpio: does this silently….nobody actually knows what they’re doing.


    The Zodiac Signs Near Death Experiences ..

    ARIES: “Who’s in charge here? I’d like to see God right now, please. Am I dead? Gee, I never thought that could happen to me! Where can I get a crystal palace backlit with white light like that one?”

    TAURUS: Leaving the body, Taurus realizes that he or she no longer has a stomach and immediately returns to the body (thud!), without seeing tunnels, light, God, etc., making Taurus skeptical for the rest of his or her life.


    Zodiac Expressions of Sadness

    ♈ Aries: Rage, impulsivity and failure to get worked up about the things they normally do, oppositional but with less verve and energy

    ♉ Taurus: Isolation, binge eating and lethargy, a sense of ‘me against the world’, less patience, easier to enrage

    ♊ Gemini: Silence, nerves, over thinking, easily distractible and seems ‘elsewhere’; they are fairly intolerable to sadness they tend to detach/dissociate from feelings after a short while


    How The Signs React To a Zombie Apocalypse

    Aquarius – will be totally unemotional and as the trendsetter for the future, their job is to eliminate as many “walkers” as they can. Aquarians tend to be rebels just for the sake of having their own way so don’t try to stop them…they will do it their way even if others have proved it wrong.

    Pisces – will try to befriend the zombies and understand their past. They will be the ones looking for medical supplies with Shane and will help to heal anyone regardless of whether they are a zombie or human.


    The signs reaction after eating very yummy food

    Aquarius – will have barely taken the time to savour the taste as they’ll be onto the next item, however they’ll definitely be the expert on whatever they’ve eaten and will happily provide any and all information that they have.

    Pisces – will have a dreamy look on their face along with a big smile and especially if they’ve just devoured their favorite fish dish as anything seafood is at the top of their list for “yummy”.


    How to seduce the signs

    Aquarius – will be most attracted to intellectual and eccentric offerings as they love to learn and experiment however, don’t get too excited about a possible relationship because Aquarius is the sign of friendship and will run at the first sight of emotions and sentiment.

    Pisces – will be in heaven on a dock at the lake listening to the waves splash around while you lay out the perfect picnic and, if there’s a promise of star gazing later, you’ll be up all night lost in the romance of the beauty in the universe.


    How the Signs Recover from a Broken Heart

    Aquarius – will celebrate being independent again as they love to live their lives with “no strings attached”. Freedom is their favorite “f” word and intellectual stimulation is far more rewarding for them.

    Pisces – will watch their favorite romantic movie, have a good cry and wonder why they always choose partners that are not the best for them. They’ll promise themselves that next time, they’ll go with their gut feeling earlier if things aren’t working out as their hunches are usually correct.


    Reactions when the sign is rejected or dumped

    Aquarius - will tell their friends that you were not the right person anyways because you couldn’t carry on an intellectual conversation if your life depended on it, you were clingy, jealous and wanted a commitment and that’s the complete opposite of what attracts an Aquarian.

    Pisces – will hit the couch and drift off into a spiritual fantasyland where they’ll create a dramatic scenario of why, why, why it didn’t work out because they are the most sensitive of all zodiac signs.